Stars Mini Strikers


Stars Mini Strikers, The Only way to start your weekend!

Our Saturday morning Mini Strikers session, for children aged 2-6 years old, has a great reputation built over many years. A pressure free environment where your little ones can receive an introduction to the beautiful game. Our practices and games aid the development of a child's fundamental movements, coordination, balance and agility alongside promoting good listening skills to aid learning in and out of the classroom. Our sessions are mentally stimulating and of course cover the key technical areas of Football. Following tag games each session will contain ball mastery, an opportunity for children to have their own ball and master key skills. They will then learn dribbling and shooting skills, after all who does not enjoy scoring goals!

Sessions contain Speed, Agility and Quickness circuits, an introduction to small sided games when players are ready and often finish with penalties. Opportunities for children to gain social confidence whilst stepping up in front of parents, don't worry we never let them leave the session on a miss!

This is also a great place for parent and child bonding due to the Freeplay at the start. After that parents can sit with a Coffee and watch their little ones thrive, their passions sparked and all whilst engaging in healthy and fun activities.

Please get in touch to book your child/children's FREE taster session.

  • 0900 - 0915 - Child/Carer Free Play
  • 0915 - 0925 - Warm-Up & Tag Games
  • 0925 - 0935 - Ball Mastery
  • 0935 - 0945 - Dribbling & SAQ
  • 0945 - 0955 - Small-Sided Games
  • 0955 - 1000 - Penalties

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